Primarily, the paintings of artist Tracey Anthony are created with acrylics and oils on canvas and wood. However; such mediums as oil sticks, latex paint and enamel paint are also employed. Furthermore, various old drawings and paintings are sometimes collaged into, or onto a new and original piece of artwork. And to push the pieces even further items like nails, speaker wire, plexiglass, resin epoxy, and wood can be found within the work.

Visual exploration and medium experimentation is a main focus while subject matter ranges from Native American mythology and lore, to contemporary Native issues and ideas. The stories and ways of the Iroquois and Anishinabe comprise the majority of the paintings intent. Delaware (Lenape) culture is also explored and presented.

The artists' work can be found in the collections of the Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, Ontario; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario; Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Ottawa, Ontario and the Indian Commission of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario. If interested in purchasing any of the available pieces please contact us by telephone, 905-768-9383 or email.

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